Nasdaq OneReport

Supported Browser and Settings Guidance

Browser Minimum Supported Version* Notes
Google Chrome All supported, stable versions  
Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0 or higher Some Corporate Enhanced features are not supported in IE. If you attempt to log into a version of Nasdaq OneReport that does not support IE, you will not be able to log in and will be asked to log in with a different bowser.
Microsoft Edge All supported, stable versions  
Mozilla Firefox All supported, stable versions  
Safari All supported, stable versions Some Corporate Enhanced features are not supported in Safari.
Mobile Browsers All supported, stable versions Navigation differs slightly because "multi-level navigation" is not supported; mouse over help text may not be visible.
* Typically, we do not support beta or development versions, and ongoing testing may focus on recent versions of mainstream browsers. Nasdaq recognizes the diverse operating systems, devices, and internet browsers that our clients use. While we want clients to have the best possible experience, we also realize that it is not possible to test on every browser, settings, and device combination, nor to ensure that OneReport will work identically and effectively with all browsers and versions. Please let us know if you encounter any issue with a browser.

Recommended web browser settings:

  • Enable pop-ups and JavaScript (to view errors, alerts, and certain pages).
  • Enable cookies (to ensure that all parts of our application work as expected).
  • Turn on inline spell checking option if desired (available in all browsers except IE).